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For over 80 years, many of the world's leading OEMs have relied on Ehrhardt Engineered Solutions, as a trusted partner for precision tools, dies and gauges. By combining our extensive knowledge of both tooling development and manufacturing operations, we engineer innovative solutions that provide lower cost of ownership over the lifetime of a product.

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louver panel die


Advanced Process Design

Ehrhardt dies have been crafted to produce everything from small precise springs in critical medical devices to large and complex deep drawn enclosures for switchgear. We have extensive experience with materials ranging from Aluminum to Zirconium alloys, and from simple piercing to complex multi-punch, draw and form dies within die assembly and complete electronic protection.

Ehrhardt produces stamping dies as large as 240” in length, with press capability up to 800 tons. We have a broad range of stamping technology, including progressive, hand transfer, in-die transfer and press-to-press transfer. Our capabilities include blanking, piercing, draw forming, tapping, extruding, and in-die assembly using bowl feed automation for everything from small component stamping dies to large HVAC and appliance applications.



Progressive Range Flue Die

Progressive Magazine Die

2 Out Progressive Appliance Part

Tool & Die