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From complete process assembly lines supporting a new product launch to retooling existing lines for product modifications, Ehrhardt Automation has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. We supply machinery and tooling, robotics and automation to assist the production of consumer washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and cooking ranges, usually referred to as “white goods”.

Our expertise in metalworking automation, welding, piercing, pressing and material handling automation has allowed us to partner to build turnkey factory automation systems for some of the leading brands in the world.


Cabinet Forming Line

Cabinet Forming Line

Dryer Side Panel Assembly Line

Dryer Side Panel Assembly Line

Our experience in building automation consumer white goods include:

  • Washing machine assembly line
  • Blower assembly machinery
  • Cabinet forming lines
  • Cabinet line wing bender machinery
  • Dryer side panel assembly systems
  • Square jacket line
  • Automated brazing machines
  • Turbulator machines
  • Metal forming automation and press integration
  • Progressive forming die integration
  • Foam press for refrigeration panels

In our designs we include principles such as mistake proofing, tooling for error free manual loading, automated part loading, and robot integration where it makes economic sense. We integrate safety solutions for difficult automation processes such as brazing and welding.

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