Machine Vision

Does your manufacturing operation require an automated solution with either 2-D or 3-D machine vision? Do you require precision measurements, precise pass/fail quality controls or high speed image acquisition or processing? Ehrhardt Automation Solutions is a Cognex authorized vision system integrator and we can design and build 2-D or 3-D vision capability into your automated manufacturing solution.

2-D machine vision solutions are optimal for:

  • Verification of dimensions
  • Label reading
  • Quality inspection
  • Object tracking and detection
  • Assembly verification
  • Defect detection
  • Operations that require Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

3D machine vision systems are optimal for:

  • Assembly verification
  • Robot guidance
  • Precise in-line measurement and verification
  • Accurate surface feature measurements
  • High profile point inspection of small parts and components

We can design, build and install an automated integrated machine solution with a vision system to fit any footprint. Contact us today to learn how adding a machine vision system can help your throughput, improve quality control, lower material costs and increase consistency and repeatability.


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