Heat Exchanger Line HVAC

Customer Challenge

Was outsourcing this product and decided to in-source.

Heat exchanger line 


Assembly, Power and Free, Robots, Cart and Offline panel bending Presses Tube Forming, Swage 4-5-6 tube assembly, dimple tooling press



  • Parts are automatically fed
  • Tube cut to length
  • Integrated tube bending operation CNC controlled
  • In process tube vision inspection
  • Robotic load to dimpling press
  • Finished part is loaded to a storage rack to go to assembly
  • Assembly Tubes are manually loaded to a pallet and released to the swaging station.
  • Component moved to leak test station
  • Good parts tested, marked and release to robot, good part conveyor to assembly


  • 2 prep cells and heat exchanger assembly cell
  • 3 robots with customized End of Arm Tools
  • 5 safety zones
  • Stainless steel bend tube station
  • Dimpling automation cell

Client Result:

Client was able to reduce dependency upon the supply chain and manufacture locally.



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