Lean Automation

Lean Manufacturing provides maximum value with minimum waste. In practical terms that means:


  • Implementing automation in the production process that eliminates or minimizes waste in production time, processes or materials.
  • Targeting specific aspects of the production cycle to improve efficiencies.
  • Using integrated robotic solutions that improve efficiency, quality issues, manufacturing costs and ergonomic or safety concerns.
  • Building automated machinery and robotic solutions that include quick-change tooling processes.
  • Systems that are built with mistake-proofing components to avoid errors, such as tools and parts that are created with the proper orientations built-in.
  • Tooling that ensures processes work the right way the first time, avoiding set-up errors, missing parts, improper orientation, measurement and operations errors.
  • Single-station systems that are portable,and can be reconfigured quickly and easily or moved from location to location.
  • Self-diagnostics that identify process flow, where an issue is and what happens next.
  • Systems designed with clear labelling and access for ease of maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.
  • Visual workspaces with charts, diagrams, production requirements, tasks and expectations easily accessible on the interface.
  • Optimal safety and ergonomic considerations that reduce or eliminate lost time due to injury.
  • Full training so operators can get to work right away.

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