Assembly Automation FAQ

  • I have never heard of Ehrhardt Automation Systems? Who are you?

    Ehrhardt Engineered Solutions is our current brand name. Our company started out as Ehrhardt Tool and Machine established by Willis Ehrhardt in 1937 building industrial tooling and dies. The company is based in Granite City, Illinois and has been in business for over 83 years. Ehrhardt has been building factory automation, custom automation and turnkey automated assembly solutions for almost 50 years.

  • Do you integrate robots at EES?

    We integrate all kinds of industrial robots. Some of the brand names include FANUC, ABB, KUKA and Mitsubishi but as an integrator we are able and open to integrate all kinds of brands of robots from SCARA to 6 Axis and simple pick and place.

  • Do you build assembly dials?

    Yes, we design and build dial based precision indexing automation, both as stand-alone and as part of a larger automation line. Some of the brands that we integrate are Weiss, Camco, Stelron and Motion Index Drives.

  • How much does automation cost?

    This is a big question. The raw elements in a factory automation system include purchased third party components such as conveyors and robotics. Then there is the cost of design, assembly labor, debug and installation. Contact us for a conversation about your needs and we can quote on a budgetary or firm basis for your custom machine.

  • Do you build your own End of Arm Tools?

    Yes we design our own robotic EOATs. Where possible, if a pre-engineered tool exists and is quicker and cheaper to purchase and simply integrate onto a robot we will often purchase from a trusted third party, such as a weld head.

  • How many people are at your shop?

    We vary depending on the season but usually we have 100-120 people at Ehrhardt Automation.

  • Do you manufacture in house or do you outsource?

    We are vertically integrated and manufacture in-house for our tooling. For some processes such as heat-treating we have a strong local supply chain that has quick turnover and some of our suppliers have been with us for decades.

  • Do you build lean automation or full automation?

    We build the right automation for the application. Oftentimes that might mean a mix of lean automation, standalone automated robot cells and integrated power and free conveyance systems. We build synchronous automation systems, non-synchronous, inline automation, rotary dial automation, robot automation and robot track, and walking beam as needed.

  • Are you interested in build-to-print projects?

    Yes, we build BTP and build to suit automation projects. We also quote if you need a retrofit of your current automated machinery.

  • Do you offer prototype automation services?

    Yes, we enter into agreements to prove out automation in a concurrent automation study and often build prototype automation and proof of principle machinery to reduce risk for our customers.

  • Do you have a service department?

    Yes, we offer a full service, preventive maintenance, and emergency service for our customers as well as spare parts and custom parts manufacturing.

  • What kind of warranty do you provide?

    We provide a one year warranty on automation in general, there may be exceptions and where a supplier offers an extended or 2 year warranty for example we work with customers and suppliers to get them up and running as soon as possible.

  • What assembly processes are you comfortable with?

    At Ehrhardt Automation we have built thousands of machines and have a lot of experience in assembly automation including:

    • Precision dispense
    • Welding
    • Material handling
    • Conveyor system integration
    • Machine vision
    • Final Test and electrical test
    • PLC programming
  • With what associations does Ehrhardt Automation have affiliations?

    We belong to the RIA Robotics Industry Association, The NTMA National Tooling & Manufacturing Association, PMA the Precision Metalforming Association.

  • Which trade shows do you frequent?

    We attend many national trade shows and also regional shows.  We display at The Assembly Show and the A3 Automate show. If you are going to a show such as IMTS and wish to meet up with us contact us at 314-436-6900 and we would be happy to arrange to meet you.

  • Is Ehrhardt ISO Compliant?

    ISO 9001:2015 - Ehrhardt has achieved and maintains ISO 9001:2015 quality management registration. View our certificate

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