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Every manufacturing operation has unique challenges, and you need solutions that fit your needs, not predetermined design specifications.

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Ehrhardt Automation Systems design, build and install custom turnkey automation systems for a variety of industries, including HVAC, appliance, industrial, consumer and aerospace industries. We can create anything from a single station automated robotic solution to a fully automated assembly line.

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Automated Systems

As a leading robot integrator, we take turnkey responsibility for concept, design, build and commissioning.

We subscribe to the principles of poka yoke, the Japanese philosophy of designing and building manufacturing systems with the right conditions to avoid mistakes from the beginning. We will complete run-off and acceptance testing to your specifications, including dry cycle testing, and provide video and log reports.

Your operators will receive full training on the operation, including how and why the machine does things in certain ways. They will receive operation manuals so they will be able to troubleshoot and resolve common problems. Rather than leafing through pages of documentation, the manual can be accessed through the Human Machine Interface in real-time on the screen, saving time and frustration.

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Your system will be commissioned, shipped, installed and you will receive start-up assistance to ensure everything is up and running as expected. And finally, we provide after-sale support, maintenance and repair.

Your Challenges. Our Integrated Automation Solution.

Contact us today to see how Ehrhardt Automation Systems can reduce your manufacturing costs, improve throughput, provide a safe and ergonomic working environment, reduce space requirements and improve your bottom line.

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