Industrial Automation

At Ehrhardt Automation Systems we have in-depth knowledge of unique manufacturing processes and material handling automation applications, developed over our 80-year history of precision manufacturing. This experience lends itself to a body of knowledge and expertise in industrial automation applications, processes and in the design and build of custom machinery and special machines.

Foam Press for Refrigeration Panels

We understand the business of automation and are used to building automated machinery and optimizing budgets to fit current and future production demands. Our application engineering team can create concepts for lean automation, automated and semi-automated machinery that can be upgraded as time and budget allow. 

We have experience in:

  • Fully automated, power and free assembly systems
  • Lean automation
  • Prototype automation and proof of concept automation
  • Precision indexing automation dials
  • Robot integration and robot track systems
  • Build to print and build to suit automation
  • Integrated final test stands
  • Robotic welding automation
  • Custom automation equipment
  • Machine vision integration and test

Whether you require automation for HVAC, automotive, white goods, consumer, medical/healthcare or other sectors, we have the process knowledge and automation skills to help build a custom automated solution.

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