Robotic Brake Pedal Weld and Assembly System

Customer Challenge

A cost reduction system for major Tier 1 automotive client.

  • To build a safer, faster automated assembly cell and reduce the cost of the part.
  • Remove one worker from the assembly stream.
Job Summary 


The justification for the customer required they have only 2 workers to support the system.


  • Poke-Yoke loading mistake proofing
  • 3-zone configuration
  • Required a less than 275 square footprint
  • Under 60 second cycle time for welding, load and unload
  • Fanuc 6-axis robot
  • Weld tooling
  • Automated servo part clamping
  • Automated part ejection system

The automation was built with dual-tool loading, into 3 zones for safety and utilized light curtains and advanced sensing technologies to protect workers. The assembly consisted of 7 stampings and 16 spot welds.

Client Result:

Client has safer, faster and less expensive part assembly weld system, operating in Mexico. Ehrhardt Automation was responsible for complete design build and commissioning.


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