At Ehrhardt Automation our cross-industry synergy makes us better machine and systems builders. The processes we learn in the HVAC industry we directly apply to the automotive industry. White goods automation experience helps us in the industrial sector. Machine vision automation helps us in pharma and medical device. If you have a unique process that you would like to automate, contact us. There is a good chance that over our 80 year experience we have designed, built and installed something similar.


Automotive Parts Assembly Automation

A lot has happened over the past few years when it comes to automated assembly for the automotive industry. Robotics have become more important because of their inherent flexibility, increasing accuracy, competitive robot costs and increasing performance.


HVAC Assembly Systems

With decades of experience supporting multi-national producers, at Ehrhardt Automation we take pride in working as an extension of our clients’ engineering teams to produce tooling and equipment in the manufacture of various heating, venting and applications...


Appliance Assembly

From complete process assembly lines supporting a new product launch to retooling existing lines for product modifications, Ehrhardt Automation has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.


Industrial Automation

At Ehrhardt Automation we have in-depth knowledge of unique manufacturing processes and material handling automation applications, developed over our 80 year history of precision manufacturing.


Aerospace Automation

With design activities performed using the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, at Ehrhardt we focus our energies and expertise on design, development and production of high tolerance, precision fixtures and gauges for Tier 1 aerospace providers.

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Consumer Automation

At Ehrhardt Automation we partner with technology companies to integrate the latest technologies for consumer goods automation. As supply chains shrink and consumers demand the speedy manufacture and delivery of goods, Ehrhardt Automation is here to help.

  Medical Healthcare Automation

Medical Healthcare Automation

The world of healthcare is constantly changing and the demand for precision automation and integrated robotic solutions is keeping pace. At Ehrhardt we have the skills and experience to build automation in any industry, including healthcare.

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