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With decades of experience supporting multinational producers, at Ehrhardt Automation Systems we take pride in working as an extension of our clients’ engineering teams to produce tooling and equipment in the manufacture of various heating, venting and applications including furnaces, HVAC units, heat exchangers, air conditioners & chillers.


As the HVAC industry changes with more product features, extended versions, environmental legislation and shorter product runs, robotics and automation increasingly makes sense for HVAC manufacturers around the world. 

At Ehrhardt we listen to our customers and build automation that is flexible, on time and on budget. We design and deliver our products with an eye to integrating the correct amount of automation, semi-automation and manual stations that makes economic sense for the project.

We have extensive experience building HVAC automated manufacturing systems for some of the world leaders in residential and commercial heating and cooling equipment. 

Our resume of work includes automation around:

  • Heat exchanger tubing
  • Tube bending
  • Automated brazing systems
  • Blower assembly automated systems

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