Automation Suppliers

Ehrhardt Automation Systems - Automation Supply Chain

Having a robust supply chain, and great relationships with key suppliers is critically important when building complex automation systems. We rely on these relationships to order 3rd party products such as sensors, conveyors, robotics, vision and other key automation devices so that we can build sophisticated automated machines and assembly automated systems.

Our suppliers include:

Keyence is our approved industrial automation supplier of machine vision components, software, sensors, markers, and safety OEM products.

We have vast experience integrating robots, we are a registered, authorized FANUC robot integrator partner.

As a turnkey robot integrator we also integrate ABB line of industrial robots


SMC is our vendor of choice for cylinders and valves.

Rockwell Automation provides EES with controls systems products and PLC devices

LinMot is a supplier of Linear & Rotary Motion devices


Thomson is also a key supplier of motion device and subsystems to Ehrhardt Engineered Solutions.